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What is PS grille and where is it generally used?

PS grille is a decorative material made of polystyrene (PS) material and is often used for indoor ceiling decoration. It is lightweight, durable, easy to install, and easy to maintain, and can improve the aesthetics and decorative effect of indoor spaces.
PS grille can be used in different types of interior decoration, such as commercial areas, offices, homes, hotels, etc. Its common application scenarios include:
1. Ceiling: PS grille can be used for ceiling decoration, providing a unique and modern look by being installed on the ceiling. It hides wires, pipes and other equipment while also improving sound isolation and air conditioning ventilation. A variety of PS grilles in different designs and colors are available.
2. Wall: PS grille can also be used for wall decoration, which can make the wall more layered and artistic. Different designs and patterns can be chosen to create a personalized decorative effect. Easy to install and can be customized according to needs.
3. Partition: PS grille can also be used as a partition to divide different areas or rooms. It can provide a modern and minimalist separation effect while maintaining an open feel to the space.
It should be noted that the installation of PS grille requires measurement and cutting according to specific conditions to ensure accurate installation. You can ask professional construction personnel to install it.

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