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Jinhua Ruitong Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 2015. Since its establishment, it has become one of the leading companies in this field through continuous development based on the global small commodity market of China-Yiwu. We keep up with industrial trends, focus on innovation, and take into account the design and manufacturing of plastic decorative materials.
Our products are mainly PVC, PS, bamboo and wood fiber decorative lines, photo frame lines, and integrated wall panels, and we continue to explore new areas of plastic products. The company adheres to the concept of product guarantee and customer first, and serves many customers at home and abroad.
The company has been operating in the decoration industry for many years and has accumulated rich decoration experience, which has played a promoting role in the same industry. The company has insisted on "less advertising, more benefits" for many years and is famous for its high quality and low price in the decoration market. With good reputation and many years of hard work, the company's image is deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers and has established its own famous brand.
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